Our History

The Parochial Athletic Association (PAA) was formed in 1958 to provide athletic programs for adolescents in the Memphis area. The purpose of the organization shall be:

a)     to promote the ongoing development of all participants within the framework of the stated philosophy and program’s goals;

b)     coordinate the sports program with the educational programs in member churches/schools;

c)     develop and maintain consistent regulations and standards for behavior during all sponsored activities.


Membership in the PAA is open to all Catholic schools and parishes in the Memphis metropolitan area, and to other churches and affiliated schools in the geographical areas that desire to participate in sponsored athletic programs and activities. In 2016-2017 there were 42 churches/schools represented in the PAA and of those 20 were Catholic churches/schools and 18 were representing other denominations, providing 5,200 kids a place to play all sports.


The PAA is organized with a volunteer Board of Directors; most of whom serve, or had served as Athletic Directors for their churches/schools. The Board of Directors includes: the Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Director of Athletics, Director of Scheduling/Fees, Director of Compliance, Director of Communication, and Board of Control.